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Oakwood Information


Oakwood in Winter courtesy of Tim Lachina.

The Coalition for Oakwood is the group of local businesses, religious organizations, and civic organizations that oppose the retail development of Oakwood. Please ask any group you are involved with to sign on too!

Apple Construction

B&K Bicycle

Big Fun

Cain Park Bicycle

Cleveland Committee on Corporations, Law & Democracy

Cuyahoga County Green Party

Hollis Automotive

Lusty Wrench

MJM Landscaping
Mac's Backs Books

Noble Road Presbyterian Church

Nature Center at Shaker Lake

Scratch Pastry and Cake

Seitz-Agin Hardware

Severance Neighborhood Organization

Sierra Club of Northeast Ohio

Simon's Auto Service

Zagara's Marketplace



2. Northeast Ohio Retail Development Impacts: Policy Implications for a Sustainable Community Future by Masters of Urban Planning, Design and Development Studio at Cleveland State University Maxine Goodman Levin College of Urban Affairs. Spring 2007.
This is the report developed as an update to the  Cuyahoga County Planning Commission report done in October 2000 for NOACA. (See that report below)
To go directly to the full report click here
To read the report in segments click here.
To read the presentation-with graphics-click here.

3. Northeast Ohio Regionial Retail Analysis by the Cuyahoga County Planning Commission for NOACA (Northeast Ohio Areawide Coordinating Commission) completed in October 2000.  Although written in 2000 this is what First Interstate uses to demonstrate a need for more retail in our area.
You can see the 2007 update to this report at resource #1 listed above.

The property is zoned for residential use only. It cannot be developed unless the zoning is changed. It is up to the South Euclid Planning Commission and City Council to decide whether or not to change the zoning.
If South Euclid City Council votes to permit development of the property, then a petition will be circulated to put the issue on the ballot. By putting it on the ballot the voters of South Euclid can decide what they want for their community. For details, please see the Referendum Factsheet attached below.
If you can help circulate a petition, please email and Kathy will get back to you.
Thank you.
5. YouTube LINKS
Cleveland Heights Citizens speak up about Oakwood at the Cleveland Heights City Council Meetings.
 1/3/11 Meeting in 4 parts:
Video for Part 1
Video for Part 2
Video for Part 3
Video for Part 4
Video for presentation to Cleveland Heights City Council 1/17/11
6.. A few Letters to the Editor about Oakwood:
7. Other letters about Oakwood:
 For information about submitting letters to the editors, scroll to the bottom of this post.

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