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Update and CHANGE OF DATE for Taylor Rd. Rehab

posted Aug 8, 2011, 4:27 AM by Fran Mentch   [ updated Aug 8, 2011, 4:29 AM ]
Update on Taylor Rd Rehab project. Plans are for Taylor Rd to be narrowed by 2 lanes in the section between Mayfield and Euclid Heights Blvd. But, plans are for the greenspace to be added on the commercial side--NOT on the side where people live. Neighbors want the greenspace and a bike lane to be added to their side, primarily for safety and quality of life issues.
The following Update is sent on behalf of Doug Whipple and other concerned residents:
Despite some setbacks, I am pleased that the City is working diligently to address this imminent train wreck.  The meeting that had been scheduled for next Wed., Aug. 10, is officially postponed, but it will be rescheduled soon.
Contrary to the "opinion" expressed by Councilwoman Bonita Caplan, the meeting is not by invitation only; it will be open to the public.  According to my information, the City might not be warmly receptive to suggestions about major issues such as green space allocation but they are open to public input nevertheless, on such issues as bike lanes for example. 
The City is formulating the plan to eliminate the tons of unnatural accumulation of plowed snow on the westerly sidewalk that they will be prepared to discuss at the meeting.  Essentially, all the lanes of snow will be plowed to the east instead of to the west.  This should be of comfort to the residents on the west side of Taylor, but motorists travelling northbound during plowing activities presumably will encounter a convoy of southbound plows pushing a tsunami of snow and ice in their direction.  :-0
The ODOT representive who has managed the project planning process for lo these many years is retiring.  I understand that his replacement has not yet been announced.  I have expressed my concern, as a Taylor Road resident, that I expect ODOT to have someone on this project who is competent and up to speed.  We cannot afford to have this project proceed with inadequate management and supervision.  With the construction set to begin on Aug. 22, that would seem to be a tall order.
In the June 25 Cleveland Heights, Mayor Kelley was quoted as saying "I want it done right the first time."  Let's hope that he was speaking on behalf of the whole Council, the City, the contractor and ODOT.
Regards, Doug
You can contact Doug Whipple at 216-538-3212 or
PS Doug's group is looking for engineers and other knowledgeable people to help evaluate and comment on the ODOT proposal.